Why Honey?

Our product philosophy.

Bring daily value to each employee.

People spend time in apps that bring new value every time they log in. That’s why the first thing you see when you log in to Honey is a feed filled with updates personalized just for you.

This is in stark contrast to traditional intranets, which feature a static website as the main landing page. Honey’s feed-based design makes using Honey as intuitive as the apps we check in our personal lives every day, and leads to similar daily rituals.

Simplify Noise (official)

Simplify company information, don’t add to the noise.

It would be amazing if all of the information you needed at work was in the same place, but we know that’s a fantasy. For the stuff that’s digitally spread across your company, Honey makes it easier to find in one spot, no matter where it may be.

Fewer Clicks (Official)

Fewer clicks lead to higher value.

Information on Honey is organized into a simple hierarchy, ensuring all posts are accessible with less than two clicks. This is a big departure from traditional intranets, which allow information to be organized in an infinitely nested folder structure.

By design, Honey won’t let you create an infinite black hole of nested folders. Nobody wants to click through a dozen nested folders to find what they’re looking for. Fewer clicks lead to better answers, more productivity, and happier humans.

More than Words (official)

Stories are more than just words.

Links don't tell stories. Images, videos, and, well, stories do. That's why information embeds and displays directly in your Honey posts, not hidden behind links or downloads. 

When you drop in a link to your Employee Handbook in Google Drive, your Company All Hands recording on Vimeo, or an article in TechCrunch about your recent fundraise, they'll embed beautifully for your whole team to see. No need to navigate to another tool or even open another tab to get to the information you want to see.

Control Toggle (official)

You should have control over what you see and when you see it.

Half your team thinks you send too much internal company email. And they’re probably right. The other half thinks you're not sending enough updates. They’re probably right, too.

On Honey, employees have the option to opt-in to email updates they care about and decide the frequency that makes the most sense for them - instant, daily, weekly, or never.

Not an email person? Get your Honey updates on Slack instead.

Castle Security (official)

Security and privacy are as important as any product feature we build.

Since Honey launched in 2012, we've been relied upon by thousands of people around the world to host sensitive and critical information. We count cybersecurity companies, banks, and some of the most innovative tech companies in the world amongst our list of clients.

In case you missed our whole page dedicated to our security practices, we're GDPR compliant, Privacy Shield certified, and happy to talk to your InfoSec team about any questions they have that are unique to your company. Seriously, we ace those security audit spreadsheets.

Comms Partner (official)

We’re more than just a product. We’re your new internal comms strategic partner.

We know that the success of an intranet is only partially based on the technology you choose. There’s a lot more that goes into building an engaged digital community. More than could ever be answered in an FAQ structure.

That’s why at Honey, every company is assigned a dedicated Account Manager for the entirety of your relationship with us. We’re here to help you get your intranet set up, think through your content strategy, train your team, and offer product and strategic support - whether that’s on day one or day one thousand.

Our values.


Honey exists to serve the individual, to amplify the many voices that make up a company. As we build our product, we obsessively think about the human who will be experiencing it. Everything starts with the question “how can we make that person’s day at work better?”.

Slow down to move fast.

People usually react to our modern, super-fast-paced world in one of two ways: jump in without thinking or never take the plunge. Neither of these reactions lead to thoughtful, collaborative work. Honey’s asynchronous approach to communication helps to slow the pace, so people can create, learn, and ideate on their own time - and find value in the noise.

Community, not culture.

A company culture is the values and ideals outlined by the executive leadership. A company community is more grassroots. Community reflects the perspectives of the employees that make up a workforce, which changes and evolves over time. We believe that for a community to be authentic and thrive, all members should be given the opportunity to participate in a way that’s comfortable for them. That’s why Honey is designed so that anybody can contribute - from a brand new intern to the CEO.

Keep it simple.

Before we introduce anything new to our product, we always examine how we can remove complexity. Fewer clicks, decisions, and moments of uncertainty allow people to spend their time in Honey focused on the sharing and learning about work taking place across the company.