About Us.

How we see the world.

Today’s most innovative companies are all operating at one pace: hyperspeed. As information flies around companies, scattering across dozens of tools, what once seemed totally manageable quickly starts to spiral out of control, leaving employees feeling confused, disconnected, and forgotten.

Information overload has become our collective default setting. There’s often not a clear authority over information or an obvious place to go for up-to-date resources. As a result, the right updates don’t always reach the right people.

Company leadership is obviously concerned when their employees aren’t connected to the people and information that matters. Their concern is easy to understand when you calculate the hours of lost productivity spent searching for info, duplicating work, and repeating answers over and over again.

But, it’s the individual employees who ultimately pay the price. Spending hours searching for unfindable things or missing out on company decisions and milestones, simply because you weren’t added to the right channel, shared doc, or email thread is not only a waste of time, it feels bad. Really bad. Every communication breakdown has the potential to lead to an employee lying awake in bed at 2 a.m. contemplating why they are still at their job, if what they’re doing even matters, and wondering if there are other companies out there where they may be more valued.

That person (and their really bad feelings) is why Honey exists.

Who is Honey for?

We build Honey for individuals at organizations who want to be connected, informed, and feel valued at work. We intentionally and thoughtfully slow down the rapid-fire pace of everyday communication so each person can easily separate the things that actually matter from the chaotic, overwhelming noise.

Of course, every person in the organization will value things differently—the “things that actually matter” depend on your role, location, function, and identity. These unique differences are why every product decision we make is for the individual first. With highly customizable notifications, self-curated content feeds, and personalized control over the order and layout of the interface, every employee will feel like Honey is built just for them. Because, in fact, it is.

What is Honey?

Honey is more than just an intranet, a resource center, or a wiki. For our customers, Honey is the heart of their company culture, where people go to learn, get inspired, and connect with big ideas and the humans behind them. It’s the platform that gives all employees a voice, aligns teams around the same vision, and ensures that company communication is inclusive and unified, not siloed and divisive.

Honey has the power to restore the feeling of belonging that comes along with being a part of a 10-person team all located in one office, even for our customers who now have thousands of employees and dozens of offices around the world.

Our Values

1. People-first


Honey exists to serve the individual, not the faceless company. As we build our product, we obsessively think about the human who will be experiencing it. Everything starts with the question “how can we make that person’s day at work better?”.


This people-first mentality extends far beyond our product choices. It guides how we speak to our customers, how we talk and write about Honey, and how we treat each other.

We intentionally build this into our culture by offering things like summer Fridays, unlimited PTO, 100% benefits coverage, and lots of karaoke nights.

We love when people:

  • Treat each other with respect. Little things like saying good morning make all the difference.

  • Listen before responding.

  • Go out of their way to support each other during challenging times.

  • Give each other the space and trust we need to deal with challenges work or life throws at us.

  • Make time for life outside of work and share their interests with us.

2. Hive mind


While we build for the individual first, we always do so in the context of a team. Whether that’s a 1,000-person technology company in San Francisco, a small chain of coffee shops in the midwest, or a global ad agency with offices around the world, Honey is built for the many through the lens of the individual to ensure the team is moving forward together in the same direction and in a way that each person is proud to be part of.


For us on Team Honey, the value of operating as one team extends beyond product. We intentionally build this into our culture by working in an open office where we all sit together, staying in sync through weekly all-hands meetings, learning to collaborate better through team workshops, and being silly together during our weekly team lunches, team days, and annual family dinner.

We believe that part of being on a team is making the commitment to each other to constantly improve. We build this into our culture by offering professional development opportunities, introductions to mentors, weekly 1:1s, and sharing best practices on Honey.

We love when people:

  • Ask questions about things they don’t understand.

  • Teach people something new.

  • Pitch in to help, especially when it’s not their direct responsibility.

  • Give acknowledgment when somebody does something great.

  • Speak up when they hit a bottleneck or see something failing.

  • Plan an event that brings us all together.

3. Slow down to move fast.


People usually react to our modern, super-fast-paced world in one of two ways: jump in without thinking or never take the plunge. Neither of these reactions lead to thoughtful, collaborative work. Honey’s approach to communication helps to slow the pace, leading to a much-needed information slowdown so people can create, learn, and ideate on their own time—and find value in the noise.


Just as we value the space for intentionality and thoughtfulness in our product, we embrace the importance of planning and process on our team. We intentionally build this into our culture by investing in resources and processes to keep us on track, including the full team in research stages for new projects, documenting and sharing project plans and department updates on Honey, and holding each other accountable to following plans.

We love when people:

  • Identify something that needs to be improved, create a plan to improve it, collect feedback from stakeholders, bring it to life, and tell us about it along the way.

  • Learn from peers and mentors, talk to people who have done it before, and bring best practices to life.

  • Research and prepare easy-to-digest learnings for the rest of the team.

  • Give advance notice.

  • Move as quickly as possible, but know when to slowdown to protect the quality of product, customers, and ourselves.

4. Keep it simple.


Before we introduce anything new to our product, we always examine how we can remove complexity. Fewer clicks, decisions, and moments of uncertainty allow people to spend their time in Honey focused on the content they’re sharing, creating, and consuming.


We intentionally build simplicity into our culture through routine and consistency like regularly scheduled meetings with standing agendas, clear processes for handoffs between teams, and setting transparent, measurable goals.

We love when people:

  • Check their work before they share it.

  • Say what they mean.

  • Start with an MVP.

  • Keep things up to date and consistent.