Companies big and small,
happier with Honey.

Connecting Global Teams
Initiative, an IPG-owned global media agency, uses Honey to connect the 2500+ employees within its global network. The platform is a pivotal tool for the agency, allowing its 94 offices to collaborate, brainstorm and share client work quickly and easily.
Employee Engagement

Leonardo is a 100-person technology company based in Toronto. With Honey in place, Leonardo has broken down communication silos between teams, increased employee engagement, and made their beloved company culture even stronger.

“There’s a stronger bond across all of our teams because we’re sharing more information.”Mark Charlinski, Chief Revenue Officer

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Managing Growth

Huge is a full service digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn with 1,000+ employees in offices worldwide. Honey helps Huge keep their growing team up to date with the latest news from the company, the industry, and their clients.

“Honey's a great way for me to have an open door policy and be accessible to everybody at the company. It's an easy way for people to feel like they're part of the company and part of the culture right away.”Aaron Shapiro, CEO
Modernizing The Intranet
Tierney is a full service agency based in Philadelphia. Regularly named an AdAge Best Place to Work, their team values a culture of employee engagement, inclusion, transparency, creative process, and collaboration.

When Tierney began searching for a new intranet solution, they needed a platform that was flexible for their workflow, simple to set up, and beautifully designed. And they chose Honey.

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Building Community
Work-Bench is an enterprise-focused venture fund and community that scales enterprise technology startups by providing community and workspace, connecting exceptional builders to Fortune 500 buyers, and co-investing in extraordinary founders tackling huge markets. Honey was a perfect fit.

Founded in 2012, Work-Bench has been at the center of NYC’s enterprise tech community. They provide members with access to mentors, industry research, and networking events. They wanted an intuitive and effective platform that would allow members to stay updated on the latest industry news and aware of resources available throughout the Work-Bench community.

Rollout & Adoption:
Honey has quickly become a favorite tool across the Work-Bench community. It is the one-stop destination for new member onboarding, info about community events, job candidate referrals, and member feedback about everything from helpful business tools to favorite lunch destinations in the neighborhood.

Positive Surprises:
Honey has helped build friendships between Work-Bench community members as well! In addition to sharing business related resources and industry news, members also post photos of their pets and babies and lots and lots of Star Wars posts.

Work-Bench’s Community Coordinator, Laurel, posts Fun Facts about members; so far she has discovered the community includes a record-holding Jeopardy contestant, a rockstar, and race car driver!
“We’ve been able to hear from our members, surface questions and feedback, and see diverse and high quality content and information that’s shared across the community.”Jessica Lin, Director of Community