Companies big and small, happier with Honey.

Building Human Connections at Work

Prezi is the leading visual communication platform for video, presentations and designs, with more than 100 million customers worldwide. Prezi is a hybrid organization with physical offices in the US and Europe as well as a group of remote team members in various locations around the world.

"Honey has been a central part of Prezi's internal communication now for more than six years. It has been a really powerful tool that helps everyone know what's going on, enables everyone to communicate with people at all different levels inside the organization, and, most importantly, it just helps you really feel like you're a part of the Prezi culture." Spencer Waldron, Global Director of Communications

Establishing Internal Communications Guidelines.

Ologie is a branding and marketing agency based in Columbus, OH. Ologie is dedicated to working with purpose-driven organizations and has been working with clients in higher education, arts & culture, and non-profit for the last 34 years.

In this episode, Dawn Marinacci, Ologie's Executive Marketing Director, shares the tool stack that powers their team and details their process of establishing an Internal Communications Company Guide. We cover:

  • How to ensure important info doesn't disappear into the Slack ether.

  • How to establish a foolproof Google Drive syntax and organization system.

  • How to prevent your intranet from becoming a catchall dumping ground.

  • How to protect against Zoom fatigue.

  • How to write an effective IC guide.

We’ve had Honey for 6 years — it’s a staple. We onboard our new people by having all of the essential information on Honey. Dawn Marinacci, Executive Marketing Director, Ologie.

The ROI of Internal Communications

Snagajob is the country’s largest platform for hourly work, with 100 million registered job seekers and job opportunities at 700,000 employer locations in the US and Canada. They have 260 employees and are headquartered in Virginia.

Candace Nicolls, SVP, People & Workplace and Katie Webber, Director of People Operations at Snagajob share specific investments they've made in internal comms that have led to a measurable increase in employee retention and engagement.

"Hot off the press! We have results from our most recent employee engagement survey. After implementing Honey, the areas that improved the most across the company were around communication and collaboration. We saw a 13–16% increase year over year, which is pretty surreal. Seeing material gains in those areas shows us that the investments that we’ve been making in internal communications is making a difference." Katie Webber, Director of People Operations, Snagajob.

Managing Internal Communications on a Global Scale

Essence is a global agency with more than 2,000 employees around the world.

From authentic leadership communications, to creating space for “courageous conversations,” to launching the first-ever virtual global awards program, Joey details how Honey as helped power specific initiatives that have allowed his team to grow closer together and have helped make Essence one of the best places to work.

"Honey is the glue that holds us all together — our one single source of truth. We use Honey to manage all of our internal communications. It’s a place to keep everyone up to date with information, get across important messages from our leaders, and also a place to explore our culture and connect in different ways that can really bring us together. It’s a really great tool to stay connected, at all times." Joey Konkel, Senior Manager, Global Communications, Essence.

The Secrets Behind a Great Company Newsletter

Unbabel is an AI-powered language operations solution that helps businesses all over the world deliver multilingual customer support. They have 175+ employees with teams in San Francisco, NYC, Pittsburgh, Lisbon, London, and Berlin.

Melissa Cohen, Head of Communications & Customer Advocacy and Chris Lajara, HR Coordinator at Unbabel share the secrets behind their company newsletter program.

"Since coming onboard and understanding that Honey is our one source of truth, it’s become a hub for valuable Unbabel content in general. Policies, FAQs, weekly updates, all hands recordings, newsletters (of course), amongst many other forms of content are accessible on Honey to New Joiners as they look to assimilate with the organization." Chris Lajara, HR Representative, Unbabel.

Managing Growth

Huge is a full service digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn with 1,000+ employees in offices worldwide. Honey helps Huge keep their growing team up to date with the latest news from the company, the industry, and their clients.

“Honey's a great way for me to have an open door policy and be accessible to everybody at the company. It's an easy way for people to feel like they're part of the company and part of the culture right away.” Aaron Shapiro, CEO