See how Prezi uses Honey to help build human connections at work and keep their global team connected

Building Human Connections at Work

Prezi is the leading visual communication platform for video, presentations and designs, with more than 100 million customers worldwide. Prezi is a hybrid organization with physical offices in the US and Europe as well as a group of remote team members in various locations around the world.

"Like all organizations we have an enormous amount of information being passed back and forth via tools like email, Slack, Confluence, and Jira. But none of those tools really acted as the bridge between all of us. None of them could be the heart of the company, the place where we get to hear both official and personal news. We were really looking for a place where we can have a better human connection as a company." Spencer Waldron, Global Director of Communications

The culture at Prezi is so important and one of the reasons for their success. That's been harder to evolve and maintain as they've grown.

Honey has allowed Prezi to connect as people regardless of time zones and locations with both 'news like' information that the everyone needs to know, but also the more personal, non-work related news that has a more emotional side to it. This has been especially important during their sudden fully remote setting beginning in spring of 2020.

"Honey has also allowed me and the senior management team to be more available to the company and to give a more transparent view of what's happening in frequent updates. As Honey has become more visual over the years, we appreciate the ability to embed content such as videos and data visualizations." Jim Szafranski, CEO

Prezi relies on Honey to communicate and hear about the learnings and successes from all of their different teams. Honey allows them to share visual, easily digestible information so that Prezilians have a one stop shop for information about what's going on in each department.

Prezi Honey Post

The Engineering teams often have to share complex information in a way that the whole company can connect to.

"Honey is a great platform that allows us to combine different visual communication formats in one post. For example, we often include a combination of text, video, charts and Prezi presentations in a way that is easy to digest for all." Andi Nara, Director of Program Management

Prezi Engineering Updates

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Prezi needed to help people transition to a work-from-home, fully remote environment. They used Honey to post weekly support information in an asynchronous manner that helped their employees easily stay informed about safety protocols and important business updates. They also relied on Honey's commenting features, which helped them build an inclusive, two-way conversation, instead of a one-way email broadcast.

"Honey has been a central part of Prezi's internal communication now for more than six years. It has been a really powerful tool that helps everyone know what's going on, enables everyone to communicate with people at all different levels inside the organization, and, most importantly, it just helps you really feel like you're a part of the Prezi culture." Spencer Waldron, Global Director of Communications