An Intranet for Modern Teams

An Intranet for Modern Teams

Tierney is a Philadelphia-based full service agency with expertise in advertising, public relations, digital and media. More than 130 employees strong, Tierney works with clients to help create and shape their dialogue with consumers across all mediums.

The Tierney Team

Tierney’s culture is one of its most incredible assets. The team is collaborative, articulate, and incredibly smart. The kind of people you find at Tierney are the kind of people you not only want to work with, but you want to hang out with. They were named one of AdAge’s Best Places to Work for the last two years, after all.

The hunt for a new intranet — that doesn’t feel like an old-school intranet.

But their culture doesn’t come easy. The team at Tierney works incredibly hard to nurture employee engagement, inclusion, transparency, creative process, and collaboration. They’ve also worked hard to build an internal communication scheme that keeps their employees in-the-know, embraces new technology, and allows for horizontal communication across the agency. In late 2014, Tierney found themselves deep in the process of selecting a new intranet solution.

"For years, Tierney weighed both the benefits and obstacles of developing an intranet for our agency. Building an intranet would take time and resources to create and maintain. In addition, the tenants of a traditional intranet seemed at odds with our open and active culture. We collaborate; we share; we are curious.

We found Honey – a social network-like intranet that is flexible and functional for our agency’s workflow and aligned perfectly with our agency’s core values - openness, perspective and passion. Before adopting the new tool, we did our homework. A cross-departmental "swat" team leveraged learnings from agency brainstorms, organized a demo team of employees to collect feedback, and interviewed contacts at other IPG agencies – BPN and Initiative."

Intranet groups and collaboration for modern teams

Preparing for a sweet launch.

The Honey Customer Success team worked closely with Tierney to design how Honey’s content structure options and permission tools could bring to life the agency’s dream platform. Quickly, it became clear that Honey could serve as the single destination for One Team, One Tierney updates, putting faces to names, onboarding new employees, sharing best practices, collaborating on new business initiatives, monitoring trends, fostering team culture, and more…

As launch week grew closer, the Honey and Tierney teams continued to work together. To prepare for a successful launch, we focused on setting up the platform and introducing key Tierney stakeholders to Honey:

  • Set up groups — using required, broadcast, and read-only features as needed to ensure team members had access to essential content and permissions were restricted around sensitive material.

  • Set up and train Honey administrators and moderators — lovingly called Honey Badgers — to serve as moderators, advocates, and Honey super-fans.

  • Upload resource content — using file uploading tools to ensure team members could easily find important company, HR and onboarding materials.

  • Add custom branding throughout Honey — with the help of the Tierney design team.

"Armed with plenty of employee feedback and support from leadership, Tierney decided to launch Honey agency-wide in April 2015. We established three goals that helped set guardrails for how our agency would use the new tool: Connect our employees. Inspire curiosity across the agency. Collaborate with new team members."

Launch plan for effective intranet onboarding

Happy launch day, Honey!

On launch day, Tierney was abuzz with activity. From free snacks to 1:1 training sessions, Alison from Honey and the amazing Tierney launch team made sure every single employee felt included and educated about the platform’s benefits and tools.  We took advantage of Honey launch week to connect and inspire team members virtually, but also in-person. Hints about special events, giveaways and contests throughout Launch week were all shared on Honey to encourage readership and exploration on the new platform, however those posts led to prizes, swag and happy hours that brought diverse groups of team members together.  For Tierney employees, launch day felt simple and fun. But make no mistake, the entire day was planned to achieve the launch team’s goals and successfully train all Tierney employees.

An enormous success.

Put simply, Tierney’s launch strategy paid off. BIG TIME.

"By May, 100% of our team members had Honey profiles and 93% of those were classified as active users. In our first month, employees shared 261 posts and made 230 comments. Since adopting the platform, we’re maintaining high engagement and averaging 5.3 posts per user. Further, the representatives at Honey recently shared that “Tierney holds the highest day-1 activation rate to date."  "More importantly, our employees are able to connect through customizable profiles; discuss trends, inspiring work and best practices with each other; and start conversations by sharing fun and offbeat posts and events for all to enjoy."

Team celebration after intranet onboarding