Why you may want to drop Confluence and switch to Honey.

Here are a few reasons we think you’re ready for a new employee intranet. Trust us, your team will thank you.

  • Modern design.

    Modern design.

    All right, we’ll say it—looks matter. A sad page of links, URL dumps, and never-ending text isn’t a cute look. A knowledge base full of rich media, embedded content, and stunning text formatting? Yes, please.

  • Simple to use.

    Simple to use.

    Your team deserves a company intranet that is modern and simple. Our intuitive design will feel like second nature in no time. Which is great because let’s face it, your employees aren’t going to sit through a tutorial anyway.

  • Reliable search.

    Reliable search.

    Search should just work—like top-of-the-page, predicted-for-you work. Whether you’re searching for HR resources, internal company newsletters, or team documentation, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

  • Expert support.

    Expert support.

    Our customer success managers are your new BFFs. They’re friendly, easy to get ahold of, and super skilled at turning difficult things into easy things. Goodbye overly technical helpdesk resources, hello actual humans!

  • Embedded files.

    We won’t make you guess what a file is before you download it. Embed documents in Honey, switch to full screen mode, or download files directly to your computer. Did we mention files shared on Honey are also fully searchable?

  • Google-friendly.

    Live Google docs, forms, and calendars are better than nondescript links, so we’ve made embedded Google content possible throughout Honey. You can also manage your users with our G Suite integration—your IT team can thank us later.

  • Slack integration.

    Automated posting to Slack means you’ll never need to copy and paste a wiki link again. And, as a bonus, your team can search their Honey knowledge base right from their Slack message field. Yes, really!

  • Custom notifications.

    There’s nothing more precious than a perfect workflow. Our uniquely personalized notifications for email, mobile, and Slack let every employee decide when and where they hear from Honey.

  • User analytics.

    Don’t you want to know if your employees are actually using the tools you’ve invested in? Eliminate the guesswork. Honey’s analytics will give you real time insights into employee engagement and the health of your knowledge base.

  • Transparent pricing.

    We think it’s gross when software companies act like car dealerships. Honey is a full-featured employee intranet alternative that will never require extra add-ons or more money than you originally budgeted.