The intranet employees love.


  • Company Feed.
    The one-stop-shop for all company updates. See what's happening across all locations, departments, and projects in one simple location.
  • Personal Feed.
    A personalized feed of updates filtered by department, location, projects, and interests, curated for each employee.
  • Groups.
    Information is organized into Groups for easy discovery. Join Groups to get curated updates or visit the Groups page to browse information by theme.
  • Resources.
    A launchpad to other company tools, dashboards, and frequently accessed files.
  • Personalized Email Notifications.
    Opt-in email notifications for new Posts. Employees can choose instant, daily, and weekly notifications or turn them off entirely.
  • Slack Notifications.
    Too much email? Send Honey updates to Slack instead.
  • Mobile Notifications.
    Honey is fully mobile accessible. Browse Honey from our iOS or Android apps and turn on push notifications so you don't miss out.
  • Personalized Layout.
    Honey offers three different layout options, so each employee can choose what works best for their work style. Choose from a classic vertical layout, a condensed view, or a visual grid layout.

News & Updates.

  • Company Newsletters.
    Build and share your company newsletters directly in Honey. Embed images, videos, GIFs, polls, and events to bring your next newsletter to life.
  • Department Updates.
    Set up a dedicated Group for department updates. Share links to dashboards, OKR progress, and department milestones in one easy-to-search location.
  • All Hands Video Recordings.
    Video files embed and play directly in Honey. Upload recordings from your meetings or share embeddable links from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Messages from the CEO.
    Whether your CEO prefers recording video updates or writing longform blog posts, Honey's got you covered. By sharing these updates on Honey, you'll reach all of your employees, track engagement, and build a valuable archive for future hires.
  • HR Announcements.
    When it comes to time-sensitive updates like Open Enrollment or policy changes, Honey's Announcement feature ensures that nobody's left in the dark.
  • Mandatory Reading.
    Confirmations transform regular Honey Posts into mandatory reading. When enabled, employees will be required to confirm that they have viewed the Post in question.
  • Industry News.
    Competitive intelligence? Industry trends? Easily share hyperlinks with a simple copy and paste. Don't worry, we do the embedding for you so you're not stuck with a bunch of ugly blue links.
  • Company Culture.
    Whether you use our Poll feature for Employee Recognition Awards or video embeds to showcase interviews with your employee of the month, Honey has all of the tools you'll need to make sure culture updates play the role they deserve in your internal comms strategy.

Knowledge & Wiki.

  • Company Resources.
    A launchpad to your other company-wide tools, dashboards, and frequently accessed files all employees need to access.
  • Group Resources.
    A curated launchpad to your other company tools, dashboards, and frequently accessed files, unique to departments, locations, or project teams.
  • Topics.
    Topics are a sub-level of Groups, allowing you to organize content thematically for easy discovery, and preventing against information getting lost in infinitely nested folders.
  • Pinned Posts.
    Pin the most important Post(s) in a Group to the top of your Group Feed, for quick visibility.
  • Embedded Files.
    Looking to share collateral, process documentation, or templates? Embed your PDFs, spreadsheets, slides, or word documents directly in your Honey Posts. All of the copy in body of those files will be indexed and appear in search results.
  • Live Google Docs.
    Embed a live Google doc directly in your Honey Post. As changes are made in G Suite, the document will automatically update in Honey, so you won't have to worry about updating multiple platforms.
  • Multiple Editors.
    Grant editor access to collaborators by promoting them to Group Moderator.
  • Last Edited Timestamp.
    Curious to see when a Post was last updated? Check the Post details for the timestamp and author responsible for the last edit.


  • Global Search.
    Complete search of all Posts, Comments, file attachments, text behind shared links, user profiles, Group names, and Resources.
  • Group Search.
    Target search to a specific Group for filtered search results.
  • Modified Search.
    Narrowed search, allowing employees to find results by file type, from a specific person, or from a designated time frame.
  • Smart Search.
    Search results are informed by a relevancy algorithm to ensure that the most likely results are featured at the top.
  • Hashtags.
    Add in #hashtags to your Posts to provide an additional level of sorting. When employees click on the #hashtag, they'll see all of the other Posts that share the same tag.
  • Search from Slack.
    Search all of your information on Honey from Slack using the simple command /honey search "keyword".
  • Saves.
    Employees can build personalized libraries by saving Posts to a fast-access shortcut.


  • Announcements.
    Keep your team informed about important announcements on the carousel featured on your landing page. Announcements trigger email notificaitions, mobile push notifications, and optional Slack notifications to the entire company.
  • Broadcast Groups.
    Do you have an important announcement that needs to go to a specific department or office, but not the whole company? Target your custom audience with a Broadcast Group. Broadcast Groups send instant post notifactions to all members of the Group via email, in-product, and optional Slack notifications.
  • Slack Integration.
    Automatically publish Honey updates to Slack.
  • Group Membership.
    Assign employees to Groups based on their role at the company or let them to opt-in to the Groups they care about.
  • Required Groups.
    Automatically assign all employees to a Required Group to ensure nobody misses out on critical information.
  • Department Targeting.
    Require all employees from a specific department to join a Group, so you can target them with relevant updates and resources, without creating noise for other employees.
  • Location Targeting.
    Require all employees from a specific location to join a Group, so you can target them with relevant updates and resources, without creating noise for other employees.
  • Private Groups.
    Looking to share more sensitive information? Private Groups are invite-only and hidden from all non-members.
  • Week In Review Emails.
    An optional "Week in review" email featuring the most important updates from the week is automatically sent to all employees every Friday.
  • Scheduled Posts.
    Schedule Posts to be published on a future date.
  • Cross-Group Posting.
    Need to share the same information to your London and NYC offices? Cross-publish your Post to multiple Groups - no need for double work!
  • Email In Posting.
    Already in the habit of sending email updates to your team? Don't break what's working! Use our email-in posting feature to publish posts and comments to Honey directly from your email.

People & Culture.

  • Profiles.
    Every employee is invited to introduce themselves to their coworkers by filling out their Honey profiles, sharing their contact information, social handles, interests, skills, and role at the company.
  • Pronouns.
    Every profile includes a field for pronouns so every employee has a clear and safe space to share how they should be addressed.
  • Member Directory.
    Quickly and easily connect with coworkers through a searchable employee directory that can be filtered by department, location, or both.
  • Managers & Direct Reports.
    Curious where somebody fits in your org chart? View employee profiles to see their managers and direct reports.
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries.
    View upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries in the upcoming events section.
  • Upcoming Events.
    Promote upcoming conferences, meetings, happy hours, or lunch and learns by creating an Event on Honey. Employees can easily see what's happening in the Upcoming Events Feed and save events directly to their personal calendars.
  • Polls.
    Get quick feedback from your team with a Poll. Make them public, anonymous, or private.
  • Comments.
    Comments can be enabled in any Group, inviting all employees to ask questions, leave feedback, and share great GIFs.
  • @mentions.
    Looking to include more people in company comms? Try @-mentioning an employee in a Post or a Comment to encourage participation.
  • Likes.
    Show support to your coworkers by liking their Posts or Comments. <3


  • Single Sign-On.
    Integrate with industry-standard identity and access management platforms including Okta, OneLogin, Google, Azure, and Ping Identity. Employees get one-click access to company apps right from their personal homepages.
  • Autoprovisioning.
    Honey syncs with your Active Directory (Okta, OneLogin, Azure, Ping Identity, GSuite) to ensure scaleable employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • Slack.
    Automatically publish content to Slack, search Honey from Slack, and share Slack handles in Honey profiles.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box.
    Beautifully embed and share files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive directly in Honey.
  • Google Calendar.
    Embed a dynamic Google calendar in a Honey Post to share a series of upcoming events
  • Trello.
    Easily push content from a Honey Post directly to the Trello board of your choice.
  • RSS & Social.
    Automatically post from third party sources, including Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds.
  • Surveys.
    Embed interactive surveys from Typeform or Google Forms directly in a Honey Post.
  • Org Chart.
    Embed an interactive org chart from Pingboard directly in a Honey Post.
  • Video & Audio Streaming.
    Stream content from platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, and SoundCloud directly in your Posts.

Tracking Adoption.

  • User Adoption Analytics.
    Stats on employee logins, views, and Post activity, Explore insights in-product or export via a .csv report.
  • Search Activity Insights.
    Analytics to help you understand what employees are searching for and identify any gaps in your content offerings.
  • Post Views.
    Curious to see engagement on a specific Post without sorting through reports? Visit the Post for real-time view counts.

Setup & Admin.

  • Custom Branding.
    Add your company logo, colors, images, and icons to make Honey feel like home to your team.
  • Administrators.
    Admins have access to the full Honey platform and use of all features, including inviting/removing users, creating/editing Groups, organizing content, adding Resources, requiring mandatory reading, pinning Posts, publishing announcements, and accessing analytics.
  • Moderators.
    Moderators have elevated permissions within a specific Group. This includes creating/editing Topics, publishing/editing/deleting Posts, inviting/removing Group members, adding Group Resources, and adjusting Group settings.
  • User Permissions.
    Non-Admin and Non-Moderator users will have permissions determined by Admins and Moderators. Given those decisions, regular users may be able to create Groups or Post and/or Comment within Groups.
  • Guest Users.
    Looking to invite a consultant, intern, or advisor to a limited part of your intranet? Invite them to a specific Group as a guest user.
  • Unlimited Storage.
    Unlimited total storage across your organization's Honey environment at no additional cost.
  • File Limits up to 1G.
    Support for uploaded files, images, videos up to 1GB in size.
  • API.
    Full-coverage API for all main operations within the platform.
  • Content Export.
    Export your Posts at anytime into a .csv file format.

Account Management.

  • Content Strategy Partner.
    Every company has a continuous relationship with an account manager who works with you on technical setup, rollout, training, ongoing adoption and content strategy.
  • Direct Support.
    24/7 customer support at no added cost. Guaranteed reponse within 24 hours.
  • Support Center.
    Access to FAQs, best practices, and video tutorials.


  • Encryption in Transit.
    All data transferred to and from Honey is encrypted over industry standard HTTPS supporting 256-bit encryption with perfect forward secrecy for modern browsers. We closely monitor all cipher suites and adjust them as needed, to provide you with a reliable and secure transfer of your data.
  • Two-factor Authentication.
    Additional security is provided by two-factor authentication. Once enabled, a required secondary token for account sign-in keeps your account safe and secure.
  • Monitoring.
    To ensure Honey is responsive and online, we use a multitude of monitoring applications that provide us with quick response times.
  • Encryption at Rest.
    All files uploaded to Honey are encrypted at rest using the AES-256 algorithm.
  • Third-party Security Audits.
    Honey's web properties are regularly tested by an independent, third-party security company to ensure security and reliability.
  • Additional Security.
    Additional support for security, including Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and X-Frame-Options.
  • GDPR.
    Honey is GDPR compliant.