All the tools your team needs.

Share articles and news from around the web
Share any file to Honey
Embed rich media in your posts
Share any company event in Honey
Track and increase your employee engagement
Detailed information about employee engagement and your intranet content
View all the groups/teams within your company or organization
View all your company/organization posts in one place
My Feed shows content from teams and groups within your company that you care about
Visualize any news feed in Honey
Comment on any Honey intranet post
Mentions and emoji support for a more social conversation
Customize employee profiles
People directory lists all employees
Search all your intranet content by place
Search your enterprise social network by keyword
Search all employees by their job title
Integrate with RSS, Slack, and more
Content integrations automatically post to your company or group feeds
Integrations can contain rich media embeds
Share files hosted with the cloud providers your company already uses

Posts & Content

  • Post Content and Media
    Post content can include text, links, images, files, code files, and rich media. Text formatting available in all post and comment text bodies.
  • Full Text URL Sharing
    URL sharing supported by simple copy and paste within the post body. In-post scrape of URL full-text when possible.
  • File and Image Sharing
    In-post file attachments and previews. Supported files types include .pdf, .doc/docx, .ppt/.pptx, .xls/.xlsx .svg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, .gif, and more. Code file uploads supported with complete syntax highlighting for Python, Javascript, CSS and more.
  • Media Streaming
    In-post rich media support for YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Meetup, and more.
  • Calendar Event Sharing
    Event sharing allows you to add an event widget to your post, including a date, time, location with a map view, description and image. When published, event widgets also include options to save to a Google calendar or download the ICS event card.
  • Content Downloading
    In-post download available for all file attachments. The original quality of all files is retained through upload and download.
  • Emoji Support
    Full emoji library available in all post and comment text bodies.
  • Post Drafts
    Post drafting auto-saves your post as you're composing it. Post drafts can be left and revisited at anytime to publish.

Feeds & Groups

  • Content Groups and Topics
    Groups allow for simple categorization of all posts on Honey. Topics allow for the simple tagging of posts within a group.
  • Group Membership
    Group membership allows user to self-curate their feeds and notifications based on their interests and needs.
  • Content Feeds
    Content feeds for all posts in an organization, all posts in each group, all posts in a user’s account, and a curated feed of posts from only the groups a user has joined, called My Feed. Feeds are sortable by date or popularity.
  • Condensed and Visual Feeds
    Feed view toggles provide options for a condensed view or a visual view, which pulls images and file previews into an image-centric grid layout.
  • Required and Featured Groups
    Groups that are mandatory for all users in the organization.
  • Broadcast Groups
    Groups that send instant notifications to all members of the group.
  • Read-Only & Comment Disabled Groups
    Customizable group activity prevents posts and comments in specified groups.
  • Private Groups
    Customizable group privacy, either organization-wide groups or private invite-only groups.

Social Features

  • Comments
    Comment capabilities accompanying every post.
  • Mentions
    @mention support in all post and comment text bodies.
  • Post and Comment ‘Likes’
    Post and comment likes, indicated with a heart symbol.
  • In-App Notifications
    In-app activity notifications for @-mentions, comments, likes, and more.

User Profiles

  • Profile Details
    User profiles pages — customizable profile photo, cover photo, contact info, work history, skills, language, location, social media links, and more. LinkedIn profile import supported.
  • People Directory
    Easy-to-search and easy-to-browse people directory of all user profiles.


  • Fully Indexed Search
    Complete search of all post and comment text, file attachments, text behind shared links, group titles, and user profiles.

Email & Notifications

  • New Content Email Notifications
    Customizable new post email notifications — instant notifications, daily digests, or weekly digests — for each topic a user follows.
  • Activity Email Notifications
    Customizable activity email notification for @-mentions, comments, and likes.
  • Weekly Content Newsletters
    Optional "Week in review" email automatically sent to all users every Friday - includes all pinned posts, new users, and new groups.
  • Email to Post & Comment
    Post email-in addresses available for all groups and topics. Comment email-in available as reply-all to new post email notifications and comment activity email notifications.
  • Multiple Email Aliases
    Email alias support for email-in posting and commenting from a non-primary email address.


  • Fully Responsive Mobile Web
    Fully responsive design for use on devices of all sizes — mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop monitors, etc.
  • iOS and Android Native Apps
    Mobile apps for iPhone and Android available in the App Store and on Google Play
  • Mobile Push Notifications
    Real-time mobile app push notifications for @-mentions.


  • RSS and Social Media Posting Integrations
    Integrations allow the automatic posting from third party sources, including social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and RSS feeds.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box File Sharing
    File sharing integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive.
  • Google Apps Authentication
    Sign-up and sign-in integration with Google Apps.
  • SAML Integration
    SSO (Single-sign-on) integrations via simple SAML integration.
  • LinkedIn Profile Import
    One click profile import integration with LinkedIn.


  • Honey Administrators
    An infinite number of members that have permission to edit content and settings in the organization.
  • Group Moderators
    Allow a user to have admin privileges over a single group, but not the entire organization.
  • Pinned Posts
    Mark a post as pinned, thereby pinning it to the top of all users’ feeds.
  • Group Read/Write Access
    Set a group as full access (all members can post to it) or to read only (only admins can post to it).
  • Limit Group Creation
    Set who can create new groups to anyone or admins only.
  • Commenting Access
    Disable commenting in a group.
  • Featured Groups
    Set a group as featured, which sorts it to the top of the group directory.
  • Required Groups
    Set a group as required, which means all new users will automatically be members of the group upon sign up.
  • Group Merging
    Merge one group into another — including topics, posts, followers, comments, likes, etc.
  • Blocked File Types
    Block specific file types (e.g. .mov, .doc, .pdf, etc.) from being attached to posts.
  • Edit and Delete Permissions
    Edit or delete any post in the organization.
  • Send Invites
    Invite new users via email invite with the in-product invite button. Invites can be sent one-by-one or in a comma delimited list.
  • Send Invites By Email - Generate Invite Link
    Generate an invite link that when clicked takes new users through an account set up flow landing them in the organization.
  • Limited Invites
    Set who can invite external, outside domain users to a specific group to anyone or admins only.
  • Set Trusted Domains
    Trusted domain that allows users with a specific email domain to automatically join the organization upon sign up.
  • Remove Users
    Remove user from the organization.
  • Custom Branding
    Custom branding available on all organization and group pages.


  • Analytics Dashboard
    Admin analytics dashboard with real-time and historical stats about engagement, posting activity, post content, and power users.
  • Post Read Counts
    In-feed post view count, which includes in-app post views and instant email notification opens. Indicated with a small eye icon.
  • Analytics Data Export
    Granular data about engagement, posts, and user behavior available in a .csv export.

Browser Support

  • Supported Browsers
    Support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer version 10 and above.
  • Posting Tools
    Browser extensions available for Chrome and Safari. Sharing bookmarklet available for all other browsers.

Multi-Org &
Single-Group usage

  • Multi-Org Usage
    Single user account is able to join and manage multiple organizations.
  • Single-Group Usage/Guest Members
    Group-level inviting available — allowing a user to join a specific group in an organization without gaining access to the rest of the organization’s groups, users, or content.

Data Storage

  • Files up to 1G
    Support for uploaded files up to 1G in size.
  • Unlimited Total Storage
    Unlimited total storage across a Honey organization.

Privacy & Security

  • Encryption in Transit
    All data transferred to and from Honey is encrypted over industry standard HTTPS supporting 256-bit encryption with perfect forward secrecy for modern browsers. We closely monitor all cipher suites we use and adjust them as needed to provide you with the most reliable and secure data transfer.
  • Encryption at Rest
    All files uploaded to Honey since mid-2015 are encrypted at rest using the AES-256 algorithm.
  • Two-factor Authentication
    Additional account security is provided by two-factor authentication, which once enabled requires a token to sign in to your account. You can elect to receive this via a text message or by using a Google Authenticator compatible app.
  • Third-party Security Audits
    All our web properties are regularly tested by an independent third-party security company to ensure we maintain security and peace of mind as we develop Honey.
  • Monitoring
    We use several different monitoring applications to ensure our product stays online, responsive and so that we may react quickly to any issues that may arise.
  • Additional Security
    Support for many additional leading best-practices, including Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and X-Frame-Options.

Developer Tools

  • API
    Full-coverage / full-featured API.

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