Building a Single Source of Truth for HR & Company Policies.

What’s inside Building a Single Source of Truth for HR & Company Policies.?

The HR & Company Policies Group will quickly become your company's home for all policies, handbooks, and guides to nearly everything an employee needs to function at work.

It's important that employees trust that this Group is reliable, up to date, and complete - which is why it's essential to get this Group set up before inviting any of your employees to join.

The following slides will equip you with best practices around content, structure, and settings to ensure a successful experience for your team.

Why your employees care.

  • It's hard to remember where to find everything - information is typically scattered across email, Slack, and various HR tools. Honey provides a single source of truth to ensure employees have everything they need.

  • Employees want a searchable, self-service destination to find the information they need. Nobody should have to ask a manager or coworker where to find personal information like parental leave policies or health insurance overviews.

Why your company cares.

  • Fulfills legal requirements to make policies visible to all employees.

  • Reduces time wasted answering the same questions repeatedly.

  • Ensures all employees are informed and leveraging the benefits and tools you've invested in.

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