[Customizable Template] Your Company's Internal Communications Guide

What’s inside [Customizable Template] Your Company's Internal Communications Guide?

A customizable template designed for you to build your company's Guide to Internal Communications.

If you're like most fast growing companies, you have a lot of internal comms tools - like Slack, Zoom, G Suite, Honey, and more! Now that those investments have been made, you may be asking - is your team using them effectively? We're not talking about product training, here... these tools are intuitive and can be understood in seconds. We're talking about behavior. Something nobody will ever be able to learn from an FAQ page.

That's why more and more teams are writing Internal Communications Guides. These guides outline how each tool is meant to be used and the behavioral norms employees can expect from one another.

We know it's hard to get started, so we put together a customizable template for you to work from. It's designed for you to quickly swap in the tools and internal communications traditions that are unique to your company. We included a few examples for Slack, Google Drive, Zoom, and Honey to help you get started.

Feel free to use what's there, edit to include your company's traditions, or just start from the blank template.

The customizable version of this document is hosted on Canva, and is accessible with a free subscription. If you'd like to add pages to your template to support more internal comms tools, just click "duplicate page."

We used icons from Noun Project, which we highly recommend! Our premium subscription gives us access to a huge library of icons and allows us to use our custom colors. A free account will give you access to a generous library of black and white icons.

Get your free copy of [Customizable Template] Your Company's Internal Communications Guide and get started. Trust us, your team will thank you.

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