Intranet Scorecard Template

What’s inside Intranet Scorecard Template?

A chart that prompts you to think about the features your team needs in a company intranet. You can use it to evaluate providers as you view demos.

Think through your needs before you talk to any intranet providers.

A company intranet is a big opportunity — and a big investment. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT jump into vendor meetings without a firm understanding of what’s important to your team.

Your feature requirements should be non-negotiable. Too many companies find themselves seduced by the nice-to-haves, which can be a costly mistake. Don't let that be you. Don't even explore bells and whistles until you confirm that your must-haves are covered.

With this Intranet Scorecard Template, you'll have a spot to record your must-have features, plus track how each provider covers them.

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