Knoster Change Model

What’s inside Knoster Change Model?

By Jay Thalacker, Director of Client Services

As accomplished as we may feel evaluating vendors, getting buy-in from key stakeholders, and breezing through technical setup, let's be honest, our real work begins when it's time to convince our coworkers to change the status quo.

The fact is, change is hard. We all know that new tools and processes are critical in igniting strategic change, but we also know that no matter how great a tool we have or how wonderful our plans may be, convincing people to do something new is tough.

Fortunately, Honey’s Client Services team is here to help. Based on the work by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linksy, we know that the successful adoption of a new company-wide tool like Honey, involves overcoming two standard hurdles.

1. Technical Challenges

Technical challenges are clearly defined tasks. In the case of Honey, this includes things like:

  • SSO Configuration

  • User Provisioning

  • Slack Integration Activation

  • Content Population

  • Group Setup

These tasks are easy to accomplish, take minutes to complete, and have a clearly defined path to success. Who doesn't love an actionable to-do list?

2. Adaptive Challenges

Adaptive challenges are a bit more ambiguous. These are the behavioral changes and attitude shifts needed for a new tool to take root. Adaptive challenges rely on people taking action, not a simple settings adjustment. Signing a contract and getting a login, while critical steps, are not the actions that will spur adoption.

You need buy-in, incentives, shifts in perception, and a collective agreement that the change you're proposing has value. If it feels a little bit like walking into a new school and trying to make friends with a cafeteria filled with students you've never met, don't panic. This is all part of the process. And remember, you're about to be the coolest kid in that school. You've done the research, the vendor evaluation, and careful planning - you know that if you get your team onboard, you're going to be a hero.

So how do you get from Point A to Point B? This template, of course.

Members of our Client Services team use a template a lot like the one below to help our clients diagnose adaptive challenges, identify missing pieces of the puzzle, and implement a strategy to overcome the hurdles and be the change-maker your company needs.

Download Change Model Template now

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