Managing Company News and Announcements.

What’s inside Managing Company News and Announcements.?

Your designated home for Company News & Announcements will quickly become your Digital HQ - and the key to keeping your team aligned as you scale..

It's important that you keep your team updated with fresh information that represents voices from across the whole company. This strategy serves three major functions:

  • Ensures all employees are on the same page.

  • Helps new hires get up to speed with the major updates and milestones that happened right before they started.

  • Establishes a searchable company history that can help inform future decisions.

The following slides will equip you with best practices around content, structure, and settings to ensure a successful experience for your team.

Why your employees care.

  • Employees are engaged at work when they feel like the work they're doing matters, believe in the company mission & vision, and love the people they work with. This all starts with a culture of transparent communication.

  • When everybody is kept up to date with the most important news across the company, employees are better equipped to prioritize their time and identify who to go to for help and collaboration.

  • A history of company stories, news, and updates equips new employees with critical context that can help them feel more confident and knowledgeable as they onboard to the team.

Why your company cares.

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