The Digital Companion to New Employee Onboarding

What’s inside The Digital Companion to New Employee Onboarding?

An effective employee onboarding program should not just help employees get set up with the administrative side of work - it should help equip employees with the information, tools, relationships, and inspiration they need to thrive and feel engaged at work. From the company’s POV, the stakes are high:

So, let’s ask ourselves, are we offering the best possible employee onboarding experience to optimize for engaged employees? Or are we still greeting new hires with heaps of paperwork and sending them on their way to just figure out the office culture, company expectations, employee information? 

This 35-page guide outlines the essentials of a modern employee onboarding experience and focuses on the following themes:

  • The Why's: The information needed to help new hires understand why the company exists and reinforce their confidence in their decision to join the team.

  • The What's: Tactical ways to ensure new hires know what is going on across departments, locations, and keystone projects. 

  • The How's: Keys to setting up new employees with the resources, documentation, and tools they need to know how to thrive in their roles.  

  • The Who's: Communication rituals to help employees naturally integrate into the company and easily identify who they should connect with.

Whether your team working remote, in-person, or exploring a hybrid setup, new employee onboarding is more critical than ever. Download this free guide to help you make sure you're delivering the experience your team deserves.

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