The Internal Comms Strategic Playbook

What’s inside The Internal Comms Strategic Playbook?

50+ pages of step-by-step guides, worksheets, editorial calendars, and visual examples. Everything you need to launch the intranet of your dreams.

Your intranet is the most valuable way to shape your company culture. With the right platform in place, you will establish a connected workforce, unlock departmental knowledge, save your team hours of time spent searching for resources, and help every single one of your co-workers do their jobs better, faster, and happier!

After reading, you'll be armed with the tools you need to identify your employee audiences, strategically organize your company's internal knowledge, and implement an inclusive internal communications plan that never goes stale. We’ll cover:

  • Identifying your company's current communications challenges and opportunities.

  • Defining your employee audiences.

  • Handling critical vs. non-critical communication.

  • Organizing evergreen vs. ephemeral information.

  • Implementing separate workflows for internal comms and knowledge management.

  • Setting up and launching your intranet.

  • Building a long-term internal comms strategy.

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