Personal Lessons From Internal Comms & People Leaders

What’s inside Personal Lessons From Internal Comms & People Leaders?

A collection of lessons and advice from leaders in HR who are championing the workplaces of tomorrow. Print it out or send it to your colleagues. (Also includes Twitter handles so you can connect with your favorites.)

Find inspiration from others in your field.

When your work deals in big topics — inclusion, diversity, culture, communication — you must find ways to stay inspired. One of the best ways to do that is to connect with others who are working toward the same goals.

So we turned to some of the best people ops minds in the industry. We picked their brains for lessons they’ve learned, how they think communication will evolve, their advice on building a strong culture in the workplace, and more.

We’ve collected here what they told us.

Have a read, then post it on the wall. Pass it along to colleagues, your boss, your best friend. Or just keep it in your desk drawer for when you need a reminder that you’re not alone in this important work.

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