The List: Best Articles, Podcasts & TED Talks for HR Teams

What’s inside The List: Best Articles, Podcasts & TED Talks for HR Teams?

You know that feeling when you find someone who thinks the same way about a really important topic — but they’ve expressed it 10x more powerfully? Or, when you find someone who challenges or adds to your knowledge and you can’t wait to share it with your peers?

We’ve curated a collection of articles, podcast episodes, and TED Talks that cover timeless topics to help teams navigate communication in today’s workplace. You’ll find topics like:

  • Developing your communication skills as a leader.

  • Cultivating your workplace communication style.

  • Using communication tools the right way.

  • Supporting your employees’ well-being with company culture.

  • Communicating through organizational change.

You’ll find 10 articles, 10 podcasts, and 5 TED Talk videos tailored to the challenges that HR teams face today, whether you’re based in the U.S. or around the world, large or small, co-located or remote.

Choose your format — watch, listen, or read

We know not everyone wants to read through thousand-word articles. That’s why we’ve made sure to round up podcasts and videos in addition to articles by the industries thought leaders. So no matter the format you prefer, there’s something for everyone.

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