We believe in loving your job, and the tools you use at work too.

We spent years wrestling with clunky, poorly designed enterprise social networks and intranets and knew we could do better. We’ve built Honey to be a company communication platform that reflects the way companies already love to share. Our team embraces user-focused design, believes in empowering every workflow, and knows that great work grows from simple, democratic communication.

Co-founder & CEO
Rachel Kaplowitz
In addition to leading the growth and sales operations at Honey, Rachel hosts our famous team-wide family dinners, exclusively sings 90s music at karaoke, and is a proud mom to two young daughters. Rachel was raised in Bexley, Ohio but moved to NYC as soon as possible - where she earned her BA at Columbia University and MBA at NYU Stern.
Chip Kellam Headshot
Co-founder & CTO
Chip Kellam
Chip brings over 18 years of technology expertise to his role as CTO at Honey. Overseeing the ongoing development of the platform, he and his team are focused on continuing to build an unequivocal internal communications service for companies of any size. Prior to Honey, most notably, he built and sold the premier online competition platform, GameBattles.
 Alison Morris: Co-founder and VP, Customer Experience
Co-founder & VP, Customer Experience
Alison Morris
Alison leads Customer Success and Accounts, working to ensure our users are happy and loving Honey. Before moving to New York, Alison was a member of the marketing team at Boston-based Springpad, where she led user-engagement initiatives. Previously, she was the first non-technical hire at Smarterer, a Google Ventures funded startup where she led community management. Before working in tech, Alison worked in PR and communication consulting. She is a graduate of Boston University.
Jason Tiernan: Co-founder and Design Director
Co-founder & Design Director
Jason Tiernan
Jason has led the design and UX of Honey since day one. He has over 13 years of experience building digital experiences, quoting Star Wars, and singing pop songs from the 90's at Karaoke. He is also currently a design director at Huge Brooklyn.
Sara Kladky Headshot
Senior JavaScript Engineer
Sara Kladky
Sara is a front end engineer who implements visual elements and interactive features that people see when they use Honey. Before coming to Honey, she was the technical project manager for TED’s education initiative. Like most engineers, Sara also holds a bachelor’s degree in oil painting.
Jab Carnegie's Heashot
Sales Manager
Jab Carnegie
As Honey's Sales Manager, Jab works with forward-thinking companies looking to help their employees feel more connected, informed, and valued at work. As an avid sports fan, and a lifelong New Yorker, conversations about the Knicks and Yankees are highly encouraged!
Tommy Butschi: Customer Success Specialist
Business Development Manager
Thomas Butschi
Tommy joined the Honey team just after graduating from Drew University. He works on the sales team to bring our prospective customers the best Honey experience like it’s his job (because it is!). Keep an eye out for a friendly note from him in your inbox.
Kat Hills: Customer Experience Associate
Community Manager
Kat Hills
Kat is part of Honey's customer experience and content team. She is passionate about building an excited and engaged user community by providing fast and thorough support, creating helpful original content, and staying connected on social. If you talk to her on a Thursday, make sure to ask her about her infamous Thursday questions. On all other days, just ask her anything you've ever wanted to know about Beyoncé.